Irene Michaels' AntiAging "Miracle in a Bottle" Roll-On Radiance!

Every woman ever has been worried about her skin. She wants it to be perfect, even when she is aging. This does seem weird because we all feel insecure as we enter the old age, don’t we? But that should not be the case. Men age later on but a woman starts to fear the aging signs after she is out of her beautiful 30’s and 40’s. If you are lucky and you have taken good care of your skin, it will work out for you till 50 too. But sooner or later it does wear off and we feel like we don’t fall into the “I should wear makeup” squad. That is where we ladies go wrong. You need to understand that you can be pretty even at the age of 70 or 80; you just need to feel it. And I ON YOUTH (a beauty line) is perfect for making you believe in you and your elegance forever.

Irene Michaels is the owner of this anti-aging beauty line and has spilled the beans of her very own beauty with these products. She is a Chicago entrepreneur and when you look at her, let me tell you that she has just turned 70. Yes! You won’t believe it but that is the truth. She works around the clock and reports from some of the most happening (or maybe from all of the happening) events in Hollywood. From Grammys to Golden Globe; she won’t be seen missing anything!

With such a hectic routine, she has managed to keep her appearance great. I ON YOUTH has been the magical wand that has allowed her to stay beautiful forever! This beauty line has products for all the basic skin types and you are surely going to find yours in it too.

To begin with, the roll on serum is a life savior. It is going to give your skin perfect hydration and is much better than a foundation. Or let me say that it is the perfect solution for not having to wear a foundation daily to work or any event. Anyways, other than that, the CC brightening cream comes with a 20 SPF which is protective for your skin. You also get to grab the best ever makeup removal wipes. If you are one of those people who think that removing makeup with any mild soap is going to be just fine, then you are totally wrong here. It won’t work good and anti-aging signs will start appearing earlier.

I ON YOUTH collection is high recommended to all the ladies out there. If you want to gain a perfect appearance at the age of 70, then nothing beats these amazing products!

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About the product 
  • Specialized molecules hold up to 300 times their weight in water on your skin
  • Hyaluronic acid binds water to the skin's surface to deeply moisturize a soften fine lines
  • Deeply hydrates and nourishes skin cells to energize your skin's natural renewal process  
  • Increases rate of cellular turnover to reveal younger, more radiant skin
  • Gently soothes skin, giving your complexion a refreshed, youthful appearance

Definitive Detox Diet - Insider Secrets To Radiant Health

Why Is Proper Detox So Important?

Think about this:
Your body is like a high efficiency filter. It takes in water, food and other elements and distributes them evenly throughout the body.

But like any filter, it becomes clogged with bad elements. As more and more bad elements are allowed to pass through the filter, they build up on the surface of the filter and create a sludge-like substance. After a while, the filter stops working properly.
If your body doesn’t have the proper cleaning system to get rid of the sludge, it starts to become choked up, overflows with waste and becomes a colony for bacterial infections. If you experience symptoms such as bad breath, aging, skin disorders,weight problems, constipation, gas, bloating, aches and pains on a regular basis, it might be a sign that your body needs to clean out its filter.
Consider how processed our foods are and how we don’t eat the naturally cleansing substances of older generations. We’ve taken great strides to make sure that foods are tasty and easy to consume, but by over-processing the fruits, vegetables and roughage we’re just allowing our bodies to build up sludge.
Toxic chemicals come from the foods you eat, water you drink, air that you breathe, things that you put on your skin and the products you use for cleaning your home. These foreign chemicals have overwhelmed your detox system. They clog up your body affecting your cells and joints.

A Clogged System Destroys Functions of Your:

 Weight Control or Glandular System

 Heart and Circulation Systems

 Nervous System

 Immune System

Many Natural Medicine and Herbal practitioners believe that growing numbers of people suffer from the wide range of chronic symptoms and diseases from underlying toxicity more now, then at any other time in history.
Some of the conditions that have been linked with toxicity are:



 Parkinson’s Disease



 Heart disease

 Chronic fatigue syndrome

 Fibromyalgia syndrome


 Autoimmune diseases

 Food allergies


 Digestive diseases, like Crohn’s disease, ulcers, colitis, inflammatory bowel
Menstrual problems like heavy bleeding, cramps, PMS, menopausal symptoms, mood changes and hot flashes

Even if you suffer from tiredness, headaches, constipation, frequent colds, flu andother infections, and even the inability to lose weight you could benefit from a detox.

Detox is really important to health.

“Discover the Insider Detox Diet Secrets For Recapturing A Vibrant, Healthy, Energetic Life In The Next 30 Days-Satisfaction Guaranteed!”

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Staying Young at Any Age

In a recent article for Huffington Post, Irene Michaels explains the secrets to her continued success in the world of fashion and entertainment at the beautiful young age of… 70! Michaels is an unstoppable force that has managed to defy beauty standards and is unwilling to put a stop to her dreams and passions because of a silly thing as age.

An actress, journalist, entrepreneur, singer, accomplished equestrian, and muse to many, Michaels began her career as a model and dancer, opening her own studio - Show Time - before the age of 20, quickly establishing herself as a leader of fashion shows. As both her modeling and acting careers flourished, it was in the 90s, while doing film and theater, that she landed a recurring role on General Hospital.

Eventually, she’d turn the opportunity into learning about the other side of the camera and creating the company Behind The Scenes, which focused on producing promotional events. In 2004, Michaels decided to extend her entrepreneurial endeavors and formed IMA Contractors, a specialty firm that rehabs vintage Gold Coast homes.

As she continues to manage her businesses, while jet-setting across the world for modeling and journalism opportunities, Michaels got her hands into one more artistic outlet - social media. I On The Scene was created as a culture and society digital magazine publishing interviews, reviews and content featuring artists in the music, fashion and entertainment. Whether reporting from the red carpet at The Oscars or Golden Globes, or heading to some of the biggest polo matches in the world, Michaels “eye” on all things current, keeps her magazine fresh, relevant and on top of all things cool.

Of course, someone like Michaels would never be satisfied with all that she’s doing so in addition to reporting for I On The Scene, she is also a featured contributor to Huffington Post's’ Post 50 section, covering general life topics like health, beauty and end-of-life care issues, as well as having a secondary series in their Life Style section titled, I On Exceptional Living.

Speaking of exceptional living, this powerhouse symbolizes the strength and commitment to not giving up, not giving in and keeping that zest for being in the moment. Thanks to her success she has also been able to contribute regularly to non-profit organizations and local charities, while using her influence to bring attention to all the great work they do. Her affiliations run the gamut from PAWS to the Better Boys Foundations to the Theater School of DePaul.

With a fierce focus on living life to the fullest, Michaels most recent endeavor is her luxury skincare and beauty line. The I On Youth Collection focuses on anti-aging beauty and includes a roll-on serum for eyes, a brightening CC cream, make-up remover wipes, and a gel cream cleanser. Check out the age-defying beauty line here:

If you want to be more like Michaels, with that insatiable joy de vivre, make sure to follow her adventures online at I On The Scene, Twitter and Facebook. We promise you’ll never be bored.

Dyanna Spa in Manhattan New York – Best place for waxing and relaxing NYC!

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ClearLee Mineral Water Cosmetics

ClearLee Mineral Water Cosmetics is an all-natural cosmetic company that is dedicated to putting mineral water in every product. Studied to be one of the most Sulphur and mineral enriched waters in the America’s, White Sulphur Mineral Water, is great for the skin and even a healing remedy for those with acne, eczema, and psoriasis. ClearLee is dedicated in making all product with the water and complimenting it with natural ingredients to bring out the best in skincare. On top of that, we believe everybody deserves a chance at clear, beautiful, and radiant skin. So, we make luxury cosmetic products and bring it to everyone at an affordable cost.
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I On Youth Collection Roll-On Serum

You would never guess by looking at her, but the beautifully radiant Irene Michaels just turned 70!

As an entertainment journalist, she continues to enjoy a successful career in the industry, reporting from the red carpet for major events like the Academy Awards, the Tonys, the Golden Globes and more.

Her endeavors have now extended to I On The Scene, a website she created that covers culture and society and featuring exclusive content featuring the best of fashion, travel, cuisine and music. I On The Scene also includes one-on-one talks with some of the biggest names in the music, film and fashion industry. From Al Pacino and Bruce Dern, to Quentin Tarantino and Cindy Crawford, Irene’s list of interviews is quite extensive and continues to grow. Recent interviews and content include Polo champion and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras as well as highlights from Sundance Film Festival, Men’s Fashion Week and the GRAMMYs.

Irene began her career as a dancer and model, eventually using her talent and business expertise to open her own modeling agency, Show Time. As an actress, she landed a recurring role on General Hospital in the 90s before deciding to embark as producer creating her own work through her company Behind The Scene. In 2004 she created a second production company, IMA Contractors, which specializes in rehabbing vintage home in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

After years of being in front of the camera, Irene has amassed an arsenal of beauty, health and skincare tips from movie stars, public figures and those in the know. Her major beauty secret, the one that keeps her glowing on and off the screen, is a combination of a healthy diet and a miracle ingredient found in her I On Youth Collection Roll-On Serumhyaluronic acid.  The Brightening CC cream has a SPF 20 and is paraben-free.

“If I didn’t believe in this product line, I wouldn’t have developed it,” she tells us from her home in Chicago. “It is the foundation of my skincare routine. The deeply hydrating serum is a must for keeping skin balanced and comfortable. The hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring element, binds moisture to the collagen fibers in your skin, which means your face is instantly moisturized without the heavy texture of goopy lotions and creams. Use it after your cleansing routine and before you put on any cosmetics. You’ll notice a difference immediately!”

Consumers are giving the product 5-star reviews. It has also been showcased on the television program, You & Me This Morning, in the Huffington Post and was just recently featured as “magic in a bottle” in Life & Style Weekly Magazine, alongside the gorgeous Eva Longoria.

“I am especially excited that the serum comes as a roll-on. The stainless steel roller is cool to the touch and allows for precise application so that no serum is wasted. It is so much more convenient than a dropper or spray - especially when you’re jet-setting all over the place. I already love mine, and I know you will, too,” explains Irene.

Along with the roll-on serum, the I On Youth Collection now includes a color correcting cream, which blurs imperfections, reduces the appearance of age spots, offsets wrinkles and brightens skin. It also serves as a protector against UVA rays with a SPF 20.

The I On Youth Collection is available at Amazon. Order yours today!

Nepal Travel Adventure

From exhilarating rafting that makes you wonder if your heart has stopped breathing to the serene paragliding above the Himalayas; from the world’s second-highest bungee jumping site to the rugged yet beautiful mountain biking trips; Nepal has it all and we have the expertise and experience to introduce them to you.

The National Geographic has identified Nepal as one of the top 10 places when it comes to rafting. Nepal offers rafting for the ultra-thrill seekers as well as novices and almost always we hear from our customers that the rafting excursions that we provide was one of the best experiences of their lifetime.

Mountain Biking in Nepal similarly is one of the fastest growing adventure sports in Nepal. The Scar Road Mountain biking adventure for instance draws adrenaline junkies from around the globe with its off-road trails that include a cliff drop on one side and downhill portions that you travel at whirlwind speeds.

As author Rudyard Kipling put it, “Nepal are home some of the best wildlife watching in Asia, if not the world” Dear Africa, we might not have the lions, but when it comes to tigers, elephants, monkeys, rhinos, bears, deer, crocodiles, leopards, river dolphins and a more than 850 species of birds. Come let us show you the reason why Nepal is regarded as one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to wildlife diversity.

We at MatNepalTreks are blessed to be in an industry for almost 35 years where our guests come from all over the world and with different interests. While the primarily come to see the Himalayas and explore the adventure, culture and wildlife, along with these they also come curious about a few other things. Among the primary curiosity of our guests, yoga and meditation ranks the highest, food is another popular adventure they seek and many come curious about what medical plants are all about and what is so worthy about astrological birth chart. Well, whatever your curiosity is, let us know please thru our website or Tweet us thru @MatNepalTreks. We would also love to hear your views and queries, Call Us Toll Free (888)772-7670
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